IRIS Instructions

IRIS is the system that sends out alerts to teams, coaches, board, etc. Please use it wisely.


Enter as your search parameter.

  • For User Name enter your First and Last name together in caps (all in one word)
  • Preliminary Password: Birthdate (all eight digits) MMDDYYYY
  • Place arrow over Alert
  • Click on Broadcast Alert 
  • Click on text to speech 
  • Click on yellow alert button
  • Select general category if not already selected 
  • Type in Subject
  • Type in Message (Commas and Periods slow the text up)
  • Click on “Go To Step 3”
  • Click on Group
  • Click on Users
  • Click on Players to send message to Team 
  • Click on “Go to Step 4"
  • Check the list of recipients for members of the team. If the calls are to be delayed, Pick a Start Date, a start tiem and an end time. Ensure at least on hour between the starting and ending times. Groups and message content may be revised by checking appropriate button at the bottom of the page.
  • If everything is correct, Click on “Send Alert Message”